Tel: (514) 490-1060
Tel: (514) 490-1060

Corgo Introduces Backboard Bag / Spine Board Bag

Corgo Industries launches its line of back/spine boards that are lift rated. A world’s first! Never before has getting safety and emergency equipment up tower or to any elevated workplace been easier or safer.

Once again Corgo Industries working hand in hand with its distributors and end users have created a line of full or half back/ spine board lift bags.

Following in the success of the COR-911, the world’s first insulated and lift rated emergency first aid bag, that itself was created working with EHS engineers at GEW, Corgo Industries has taken another step towards safety on the worksite.

The bag system that has been developed allows for multiple objects to be stored in an organized manner. No longer will the board be lifted exposed, the straps in another bags and the rest of the EMS equipment scattered throughout.

The standard bag consists of  a 6’2 l x 16”w x 8”h with side carry handles, a zipper closure, interior attach points (modifiable to your needs) and two d-rings for lifting. Complete with a reinforced bottom adding to its durability

The customization possibilities are endless, to a point! The COR-BACKBOARD/SPINE BOARD bags have the potential of having sizes changed as well as adding pockets, attaching points (loops) and with it being available in Orange or Red it is highly visible.

Your safety and EMS equipment is there for a reason, a reason that nobody wants to experience.

It’s better to be organized in case there really is an emergency and with the COR-BACK/SPINE BOARD BAGS, you and your teams can be. Like never before!