Tel: (514) 490-1060
Tel: (514) 490-1060

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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present our comprehensive product line to you.

Corgo Industries has been supplying the telecommunication, working at heights , wind energy and electric fields for over 30 years. Our products are made of top quality materials, made to the specifications and subject to the inspection of our qualified customers. If there are items that your company is currently purchasing elsewhere and would like to have quoted to you, please let us know. We believe in higher quality available at a lower price. We offer premier, Canadian-made products. We are here to serve you with a commitment to Quality, Pricing, Integrity and Delivery that is unequalled in the industry.

“Quality Products for Quality Work”

Corgo Industries the leader in lift bag and aerial maintenance equipment.

We at Corgo Industries have been in the lift bag manufacturing industry since 1989. When lift bags and aerial equipment first made the scene in North America, Corgo Industries was in the forefront of developing newer and safer ways of lifting bags and buckets to the heights of modern wind turbine technologies.

Corgo Industries is the only company to use multiple safety ratings on all its lift bag and lift/aerial equipment. Not only are the slings in our lift bags weight capacity rated, our materials are tear/rip rated as well. Then we go even further, all of our lift bags and lift /aerial equipment are then stitch rated. Of what use is a lift bag that is rated for 600lbs when the stitching starts to tear at 200lbs? The danger starts when you buy a lift bag from another company that is not willing to look out for your teams’ total safety.

We have found through numerous tests that cotton canvas lift bags wear out and tear too quickly and easily. Adding a reinforced nylon to a canvas lift bag is not the solution. We have developed materials with local manufacturers that have tensile strengths over 600lbs. No other lift bags or lift bag systems can offer you that. Our tests have proven that our lift bags and lift bag systems can take on even heavier loads but we believe in safety first.

Lift bags and lift bags systems should not be taken lightly; your teams safety is our first concern and should be yours as well. At Corgo Industries we try and make the choice for quality and safe lift bags an easy one. The proof is in our testing and the quality can be seen in the field.

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